RYOT® Glass Top Box - Stash Box


RYOT® Glass Top Boxes are a classy way to store your botanical concentrates. These premium wooden boxes have multiple layers and strong magnetic closures to hold various concentrates securely.

They are both stylish and practical. The boxes have a special screen and a sleek glass base tray for your blends. The glass tops allow you to see what's inside without opening them all the time. The woodwork is impressive, and the glass tops have designs printed on them for easy viewing.

The magnetic closures keep everything safe, and there's a removable divider inside for better organization. You also get a handy RYOT® Prep Card with it.

These boxes, along with Boveda® 2-Way Humidity Control, help maintain the flavor, color, and aroma of your blends thanks to the seamless glass base tray. RYOT® puts a lot of care into making these boxes, so you can elevate your concentrate storage with confidence.


  • Attractive Wood Construction
  • Glass Top with easy-to-see design
  • Secure Magnetic Closures
  • Durable Monofilament Screen
  • Removable Storage Divider
  • Includes a RYOT® Prep Card
  • Seamless Glass Base Tray
  • All RYOT® Boxes, when used with Boveda® 2-Way Humidity Control, enhance the color, aroma, and taste of your blends.

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