“Jack the Ripper” Glass Chillum Pipe


Proudly Made in the USA

Our “Jack the Ripper” Glass Chillum Pipe is handmade and features a removable mouthpiece to utilize our carbon/cotton filtering technology that filters out carcinogens and toxins in the smoke for improved taste and smoother hits.

  • Length: 5.25” from bowl to mouthpiece
  • Body Diameter: 16mm/0.62in
  • Bowl: One-hit through hole
  • Mouthpiece: Flat removable w/10mm joint
  • Carbon: Holds Approx. 3 grams

These pocket chillum pipes come with a sample of approx. 10 grams of SIPIPES's premium 100% Virgin Coconut Carbon and a sample bag of SIPIPES 100% Organic Cotton

Category: Pipes

Type: Pipes & Blunts

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