Slush Cup Pocket Bubbler

Grav Labs

Yo, let's get into this one – we've got something pretty rad from GRAV that's ready to kick things up a notch. It's chillin' over at 421Store, the top-tier online smoke shop in the U.S. We're talking about the GRAV® Slush Cup Pocket Bubbler. Imagine the classic vibe of the original slush cup, but with a twist - it's been miniaturized without losing any of its cool factor. This little powerhouse is just what you need for those tasty, smooth hits on the go or when you're lounging at home. 

Here's the lowdown on its standout features:

  • Perfectly portable: Dimensions of 3.13" x 2.25" make it your go-to travel buddy.
  • Female joint: Comes with a 10mm female joint for seamless connections.
  • Flower ready: Ideal for your herbal sessions.
  • Comes with gear: Includes a 10mm Cup Bowl to get you started.
  • Smooth filtration: Features a 2-cut percolator for that clean, crisp intake.
  • Designed by the legendary Micah Evans, ensuring quality and innovation.

And just so you know, everything we offer, including this little champ, is for legit uses only.

Got any questions or need a bit more info? I'm all ears! Shoot me an email at This is Ayad, at your service.

Category: Bubbler

Type: Waterpipes

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