Smoke Stone High End One Hitter from Nebula Glass Studios

Nebula Glass Studios

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  • Made in America
  • Length: 3 inches

**Stealthy and appealing comes the Smoke Stone High End One Hitter from Nebula Glass Studios ready for transport on your shortest or longest road trips. This discreet one hitter is designed to be taken on the road and handled every day. Smoke Stone has a thickly blown shape that can handle even the roughest circumstances.

These one hitters are blown with the carb hole positioned on the right for the most comfort. Also, the top exterior of this pipe has three little knobs to help guide your finger placement to ensure an absolute pristine smoking experience.

Hand blown one hitter with a hefty body for the most resilience while transporting or handling. Easy-to-hide shape to store anywhere at any time. With two very unique and high-quality designs to best fit you. Don't leave the house without this convenient travel piece that can almost be stored anywhere.

Nebula Glass Studios does it again delivering what the people demand and 421Store Online Smoke Shop coming through with the best offers on the best glass.

Category: One hitters, Pipes

Type: Pipes & Blunts

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