Spellbinder Mini Bong from MJ Arsenal (Limited Edition)

MJ Arsenal

  • Limited Edition MJ Arsenal Mini Water Pipe
  • 10mm Female Joint
  • Mini Flat Top Quartz Banger w/ 10mm Male Joint
  • Borosilicate Glass Construction
  • Pumpkin Shaped Ash Catcher
  • Base-Connected Percolator
  • Spooky Crafted Shapes

The MJ Arsenal Spellbinder Mini Bong is the latest installment of Halloween drops from the mini smoking glass accessory masters MJ Arsenal. Starting at the Cactus Green Bowl your dry herb smoke is pulled through the Pumpkin Ash Catcher before getting to the main chamber that features a base-percolator that creates a “fog” around the glass pumpkin, mushroom, and spider shapes inside. The Spellbinder Mini Bong is constructed from borosilicate glass that can withstand normal use and wear and tear.


  • 1x Spellbinder Mini Bong
  • 1x Pumpkin Ash Catcher
  • 1x Cactus Green Flower Bowl

Type: Waterpipes

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