"The Dabberscope" Microscope 10" Themed Rig with Slitted Rocket Perc

Glassheads Wholesale

Get ready for some mad science with the "Dabberscope"! This fully functional piece of art is shaped like an iconic microscope, with a few added percs! The bottom chamber sits on an inch and a half thick base, and contains a 4 arm slitted rocket perc with added black accents to make it look like a rocket booster. Smoke and water travel up the neck to the second chamber which includes a splash guard to reduce the chance of water hitting your lips. With an thin, smooth pull this piece is ideal for concentrates, but ships with your choice of a flower bowl for dry herbs or a concentrate setup.

Note: All the products we feature on our website have been designed ONLY for use with tobacco, legal herb, and legal herb based extracts and oil concentrates. Check our terms and conditions here. 

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