The Leaf Traveler

Be High Society

The plant. The leaf. Not just a leaf, but a symbol, unmistakable. While some prefer to be discrete, The Leaf Traveler has no such function. While a tie dyed stoner shirt might be a little too loud, the Leaf Traveler offers a softer, more mature message. 

Made with 5 oz vegetable tanned leather finished in emerald water-based green stain topped with a pearl finish for lots of shimmer. Laser cut. Oiled well to condition and soften the leather. 

All Travelers include the handmade leather case, a 2 gram glass waterproof/smellproof vial, a glass one-hitter, and a BIC lighter. Everything you need to enjoy smoking location independently. 

Handmade in the USA. 

Available in green with pearl finish.

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