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Introducing the revolutionary MAZE-X Pipe, setting a new standard for unmatched smoking comfort. Experience the ultimate in pipe perfection – a world where coughing is minimized, and lung protection is maximized. 

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The remarkable MAZE-X Pipe boasts a patented technology that ensures a cough-free experience, effectively cooling smoke while eliminating harsh resin and tar, safeguarding your tongue and throat from burns. Crafted for gentle, leisurely puffs, this pipe guarantees the gentlest, lightest, and smoothest hits you've ever encountered.

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  • Body & Bowl Cover: Medical Grade Silicone
  • Handle: Anodized Aircraft Grade Thick Aluminum for Cooler Smoke
  • Bowl: Borosilicate Glass


  • No Metal Taste
  • Easiest Pipe to Clean
  • Cools Off Smoke
  • Blocks Resin & Tar
  • Will Not Burn Your Throat
  • Makes Smoke Cleaner
  • Will Not Break on Falls
  • Allows You to Use Charcoal Filters 

Very easy to clean with isopropyl alcohol or grease removing soap and water.

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