The Stashtray by Myster | All-in-One Rolling Tray W/O the book box


The Stashtray by Myster is a useful kit which contains everything you might need for your ritual.This toolkit includes a collection of tools all of which are made of the same material and modern design. It is made of stainless steel, and all parts of this rolling tray are magnetically attached to the area designated especially for them and that allows you to easily organize your stuff.

You also get a sheet of magnetic stickers that you can use to magnetically attach some of your things, like rolling paper. Even the rolling area is designed to suit your needs, therefore it has a little finger ramp which allows you to gather your leftovers easier. The Stashtray by Myster is designed to become part of your everyday life.

Included with your Stashtray 

  • Stainless Steel Rolling Tray
  • Storage Container
  • 4 Part Myster Grinder
  • Innovative Ashtray
  • Bowl Stand (fits 18mm and 14mm)
  • Magnetic Lighter Case (fits mini bic)
  • Sheet of Magnetic Stickers
  • Microfiber Stashtray Cleaning Cloth
  • Hand Made Book Box (with the First Edition Only) 

Category: Trays

Type: Trays

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