The Tourist - For loose leaf and Concentrates


The Tourist Vaporizer works for both Dry loose leaf and concentrate with the touch of a button!  It also comes with different water bubbler attachments for use with each option.

  • Changeable 18650 2,500 mAh battery
  • OLED display
  • Unique water bubbler for each mode
  • Temperature range for each mode:
    • Botanical dry loose leaf mode: 80℃-240℃ / 176℉-464℉
    • Concentrate / wax mode: 240℃-450℃ / 464℉-842℉
  • True temperature control
    • Botanical dry loose leaf mode: 10-15 cycles of vaping on one single charge
    • Concentrate / wax mode: 20-25 cycles of dabbing on one single charge

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