The VonG (i): Titanium - from DynaVap


The VonG (i) is a robustly constructed water piece vaporizer, and it's our preferred choice. 

Key features of the VonG (i) include:

  • A titanium sleeve with various interchangeable options
  • The most durable VonG version to date
  • Easy disassembly for straightforward cleaning
  • Smooth rotation for effortless airflow control
  • The titanium tip comes with an Adjust-a-Bowl feature, allowing you to tailor the dosing chamber size to your needs, making it perfect for microdosing
  • Ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip
  • A tapered mouthpiece that snugly fits 10mm or 14mm female water piece openings

It comes complete with a Captive Cap and fits perfectly in any standard-sized DynaStash or SlimStash.

With no electronic components to worry about, you have the freedom to take your vaporizer anywhere and use it with virtually any heat source. This means you can consistently enjoy flavorful vapor from your dry herbs or concentrates (DynaCoil adapter sold separately) while also making your stash last longer.

You can use almost any heat source, but for the best flavor, we recommend butane torch or an Induction Heater.

The VonG (i) is packaged in a SlimStash made of Zebrawood, and it's proudly made entirely in the USA.

Dynavap Vong Review

Category: Herb Vaporizers

Type: Vaporizer

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