The Wand Dabbing Tool From Ispire


The Wand, when paired with our special borosilicate glass bangers, provides a safe and easy way to enjoy dabbing without the need for a torch or the complex wires and coils found in other eNails.

By using borosilicate glass bangers and an innovative induction heating method, The Wand can precisely heat the banger to your desired temperature. Once it reaches the perfect dabbing heat, just place your concentrate in one of our borosilicate glass bangers and take a satisfying hit. This approach guarantees a hassle-free and accurate dabbing experience.

The Future Of Dabbing : Ispire Wand

Product Features  
  • Induction Heating
  • Borosilicate Glass Banger Cups
  • Battery Operated
  • Viscosity Ranges
  • Temperature Settings
  • Safety Features
  • Compatibility

Products Specifications

  • Weight 1.08 lbs
  • Dimensions 7.3 × 5.3 × 1.8 in

What's In The Box

  • The Wand x 1
  • Angled Banger x 1
  • Straight Banger x 1
  • Inner cup x 2
  • Carb Cap x 1
  • User Manual x 1
  • Warranty Card x 1
  • Type C Charger cable x 1
  • User Manual x 1

Ispire "The Wand" Enail Dab Kit Product Spotlight

Tripod Stand for The Wand

Not included in The Wand, Must be purchased separately. The Tripod stand is the perfect companion for the Wand and allows you to go hands free for the perfect dabbing experience.

Simple but effective, the daab Carb Cap boosts vapor production and provides a clean tasty rip.   The hourglass shape with a pointed tip allows you to easily move the concentrates around the dish while also doubling as a dab tool. This helps to boost your hits and minimize waste all in an elegantly designed package. The single hole on top of the bubble gives you maximum airflow control.  This premium carb cap is built with borosilicate glass for purity and durability you'll appreciate.  Get yours today and join the Dabbing Revolution.


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