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Introducing the very first Titanium water pipe, a creation by Quiver Fabrications. This product is built to be tough for adventures and provides a strong smoking experience. When designing this, Quiver Fabrications made sure it worked really well.

The most important thing about The Summit was to give you a great hit that's smooth, clean, and full of flavor. That's why Quiver Fabrications chose a classic flask design, which is sometimes called a beaker.

Inside, the pipe has a fixed downstem with holes at the bottom that help filter the smoke. The interior is really smooth, so there's no place for the smoke to get stuck and go stale. This means every hit you take from The Summit is always fresh.

It also has a standard 14mm Female Taper Joint for connecting accessories.

The Full Sender Includes everything you need for Flower and Concentrate:

  • The Summit
  • Kenai Concentrate Nail
  • Denali Dabber/Carb Cap
  • Merapi Flower Bowl
  • Quiver Quartz Banger
  • Black Utility Ring & Black Heat Band
  • Wood display box

Additional Options:

  • The SAFE SEND (Full Send + Safety Meeting)
  • The CONNOISSEUR SEND (Full Send + Ti Bubble Cap)
  • The ULTRA SEND (Full Send + Safety Meeting & Ti Bubble Cap)

Lifetime warranty on The Summit (no questions replacement for original owner). Yes.... even if you accidentally run it over :)

Category: Metal Bongs, Water Pipe

Type: Waterpipes

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