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Introducing the world's first all-titanium water pipe, The Summit by Quiver Fabrications. Designed for the adventurous and those who appreciate a powerful smoking experience, this flagship product embodies Quiver Fabrications' commitment to functional excellence.

The Summit's primary goal is to deliver a remarkable smoking experience, characterized by smooth, clean, and flavorful hits. To achieve this, Quiver Fabrications opted for the timeless flask design, commonly known as a beaker, which stands as an emblem of its dedication to quality.

At the core of The Summit lies Quiver Fabrications' fixed downstem with strategically placed offset drilled holes at the base, ensuring effortless filtration. Its flawlessly smooth interior leaves no room for smoke to linger and turn stale, guaranteeing a consistently pure and satisfying experience with each use.

Featuring a standard 14mm Female Taper Joint, The Summit promises versatility and compatibility. Additionally, it comes with a lifetime warranty, providing a no-questions-asked replacement for the original owner, no matter the mishap—yes, even if you accidentally run it over. Quiver Fabrications stands by The Summit's durability and your satisfaction.


  • Merapi Flower Bowl
  • Black Utility Ring & Black Heat Band

Category: Metal Bongs, Water Pipe

Type: Waterpipes

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