10" Triple Honeycomb Perc Stemless Water Pipe


  • Joint: 14mm female
  • Height: 10inches

This scientific glass water pipe features three honeycomb disc percolators stacked on top of each other for intense filtering and diffusion. Watch your smoke filter three times over as you inhale the silky smooth hits. The stemless design makes this glass pipe easy to clean, and its small size makes it fairly portable. It features a 14mm female joint and is available with black, green, blue, or clear accents.Select the appropriate option above to use this glass water pipe for legal oils & concentrates, dry herbs and tobacco, or both.

  • DankStop Bong
  • 18mm Inner Mouthpiece Diameter
  • 3 Honeycomb Percs
  • 3.25" Base Diameter With 5mm Thick Glass
  • 3mm Thick Glass Tubing
  • Choose Bowl, Dome And Nail, Or Both
  • Flared Lip Constructed With 7mm Thick Glass
  • Scientific Glass Construction
  • Total Mouthpiece Diameter Measures 32mm Across
  • Your Choice Of Colored Glass Accents
  • Clear Glass
  • Colored Glass
  • Dewar's Joint
  • 90° Joint
  • Female Joint
  • 14mm Joint
  • Flared Mouthpiece
  • Honeycomb Perc
  • Scientific Glass
  • Thick Glass

Category: Bongs

Type: Bongs & Waterpipes

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