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Grav Labs

Convenient Size and Portability

Make a bold statement when smoking out of this Grav Labs pipe, this funky hand-pipe. Vibrant colors with shiny hues to entice the uniqueness of the smoker. This convenient little Grav Labs pipe is perfect for transporting for it is thickly blown glass that is sturdy under stress.

Feel a connection to your psychedelic wig-wag hand-pipe for there is none other out there exactly like it, just like you. Get lost in the entrancing lines and colors that seem to go on forever. This Grav Labs pipe is equipped with a built-in ash catcher that will keep from getting any debris in your mouth while smoking.

Affordable and Trusted

Grav Labs always produces functional smoking apparatus's that are held to highest of standards. This has became a name the smoking industry has come to know and love over the years. The most affordable prices are found right here at

The first thing you notice about this Glass Bowl Pipe, The Grav Labs Wig Wag Spoon glass pipe, is the stunning play of colors that gives it an exquisite appeal. However, Grav Labs Wig Wag Spoons are more than just pretty. It's a very unique glass pipe. Made from 1.26-inch thick and 4-inch length borosilicate glass, these Grav Labs pipes are extremely durable and functional. As you pass it around and feel the spoon in your hand, you instantly know that the Wigwag spoon was made for a connoisseur who loves his smoke.

Grav Labs has managed to pack in quite a few functional features into this Wig Wag Spoon glass pipes as well, pretty to keep under the unique glass pipe category. For instance, this glass bowl pipe built-in inverted cone ash catcher that the Grav Labs pipe is equipped with is a brilliant feature that prevents your surroundings from getting messy. Pretty sweet, eh! With its offering of a range of psychedelic colors, sturdy build and handy features, Grav Labs Wig Wag Spoon is indeed a classy possession. For anyone who fancies their smoke, this glass beauty is a must-have. 


  • Thickness: 1.26 inch
  • Length: 4 inch
  • Amazing Color Work which makes it one of the most unique glass pipes
  • Durable Borosilicate glass bowl pipe
  • Every glass bowl pipe is unique and different than the other. Colors might slightly be different too. 
  • Carb hole on left

Grav Labs is a glass blowing company based in Austin, Texas. They have our favorite spoon pipes in the market, especially the Grav Labs Wig Wag Spoon. Very neat, classy and unique glass pipe. Each piece is made of high quality borosilicate glass, this smoking glass bowl pipe comes in the ever so popular spoon design and comes equipped with a carb hole and a custom ashcatcher mouthpiece. This mouthpiece means no nasty materials will reach your mouth.

With its popular demand, if you own one of these amazing Grav Labs Wig Wag Spoon, I guarantee that you will be the center of attention wherever you pass it around. Beautiful colors and designs. Not just the look what makes Wig Wag Spoon glass pipes so special, it's also a unique glass pipe, the immaculate construction that keep people coming back for more colors and more designs scheme. The featured, inverted cone ash catcher mouthpiece adds functionality and power you won't find in other glass bowl pipes in your local smoke shop. Their popularity is on the rise, and once you've tried it, you won't go back.

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