VEO Motion Battery - VEO 510 Vape Pen - no button vape pen

VEO Vape

VEO vape pen, or box, is one of my favorite vape pens. It's small, pocket friendly, and it gives you this cute subtle vibration to indicate that it's working. 
  • Draw activated (no button, just hit it)
  • Vibrates when hitting it
  • Optimized for use with CCELL cartridges and most 510 cartridges.
  • PERFECT PULL™ TECHNOLOGY Automatic temperature adjustment for optimized flavor and experience.
  • Grade-a 400mah lithium battery for dependable performance.
  • Auto-draw activated with vibrating feedback
  • MAGNETIC ADAPTER works with most thread carts.
  • This VEO Battery comes with one Micro-usb charging adabter
  • ON-OFF Switch
  • no button vape pen
  • Vibrating dab pen 
  • Low battery warning
  • 8W power output
  • Will not work with top vent units.
  • Includes USB charger and magnetic adapter with purchase
  • Magnetic vape pen battery, comes with a small magnetic adapter that fit all 510 thread cartridges. 
  • Ships FREE in 1 business day.

Category: 510 Thread

Type: Vaporizer

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