XVape Vista Mini 2 Portable Electric Dab Rig On Sale!


Discover the XVape Vista Mini 2, available at 421Store, the premier online destination for smoking accessories in the United States. This revamped bubbler vaporizer is specially designed for concentrates and oils, combining compact design with powerful performance. It stands out with its innovative features:

  • Four LED Heat Settings: The XVape Vista Mini 2 comes with four LED-indicated heat settings, each finely tuned to accommodate different user preferences and a variety of concentrates.

  • Unique Glass Discovery Carb Cap: Enhance your visibility and control during vaporization with the vaporizer's distinctive glass discovery carb cap.

  • Ergo-Blaze Flared Mouthpiece: Comfort is key with the ergo-blaze flared mouthpiece, crafted for a pleasant and enjoyable experience every time.

  • Detachable Glass Bubbler: The device includes a versatile detachable glass bubbler, offering the freedom to use it as per your preference, with or without the bubbler.

  • Secure Flow Silicone Seal: Experience a leak-free, hassle-free session thanks to the secure flow silicone seal.

  • Revolutionary AIO Crystal Quartz Atomizer: At the heart of the XVape Vista Mini 2 is the innovative AIO crystal quartz atomizer, delivering outstanding vapor quality and incorporating short circuit protection for added safety.

    XVAPE Vista Mini 2 Review & Tutorial

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