G Pen Hyer vs. G Pen Connect - Which One's Better?

September 25, 2023

If you're a part of the vaping community, chances are you've come across the G Pen Hyer and the G Pen Connect. Crafted by Grenco Science, these devices have become quite the buzz in the vaping world. But what exactly is all the hype about?

These cool gadgets are designed with one goal in mind: to provide you with an exceptional and personalized vaping experience. Grenco Science has taken vaping to a whole new level with these devices, and they've gained a reputation for delivering innovation and user-centric design.


Now, the big question on everyone's mind is, "Which one is better?" Well, fear not, we're here to break it down for you without diving too deep into the technical jargon. We'll help you understand the key differences and strengths of these devices, making it easier for you to decide which one suits your vaping needs best. So, let's dive in and discover which of these fantastic devices might be your next vaping companion.


G Pen Hyer: This one is like a Swiss Army knife of vaping. It can handle both concentrates and dried herbs. So, if you like to switch things up, this is a winner.

G Pen Connect: The Connect is all about concentrates. It's like a specialist for that. If you're all about concentrates, this might be your choice.

Heating Element

G Pen Hyer: It uses quartz to heat things up. Quartz heats quickly and evenly, giving you a smooth and consistent vapor.

G Pen Connect: This one uses ceramic. Ceramic keeps the flavor intact and gives you a clean, pure vapor. It's got some fancy tech that makes vaporization efficient.

Battery and Charging

G Pen Hyer: It has a big 6,000mAh battery, and you can charge it quickly with a USB-C cable. That means more vaping time.

G Pen Connect: This has a smaller 850mAh battery, but you can charge it while using it. So, you won't run out of power.

Temperature Control

G Pen Hyer: You get five temperature settings to play with. It's like having different gears for your vaping experience.

G Pen Connect: Connect gives you three preset temperatures. It's simple and easy to use.

Heat-Up Time

G Pen Hyer: Depending on your temperature setting, it takes 15 to 45 seconds to get ready.

G Pen Connect: This one is lightning-fast. It heats up in just 5 seconds.

Housing and Durability

G Pen Hyer: It's built tough with lightweight aluminum, so it can take a beating.

G Pen Connect: Connect is made of sturdy metal, and it even has a glass mouthpiece for a cool vaping experience.


G Pen Hyer: There's no specific warranty mentioned.

G Pen Connect: This one comes with a one-year warranty. If anything goes wrong, you're covered.


When it comes to deciding between the G Pen Hyer and the G Pen Connect, the choice ultimately boils down to your personal preferences and vaping habits. Each of these devices has its own unique strengths, and the decision should align with what matters most to you in your vaping experience.

G Pen Hyer is the ideal choice if versatility is a key factor for you. It shines with its ability to accommodate both concentrates and dried herbs. This versatility means you can switch between different materials, catering to your changing preferences or mood. Furthermore, the Hyer boasts a substantial battery capacity of 6,000mAh, ensuring extended usage between charges. If you're someone who enjoys longer vaping sessions without worrying about recharging, the Hyer has your back. The five temperature settings it offers also grant you more control over your vaping experience, allowing you to fine-tune the temperature to suit your specific preferences. This is especially important if you have a preference for different materials that require varying temperatures for optimal vaporization.

On the other hand, if you're a dedicated enthusiast of concentrates, the G Pen Connect is purpose-built for you. It excels in quickly heating up, taking just 5 seconds to reach the desired temperature. This speedy heat-up time means you can enjoy your concentrates almost instantly, making it a convenient choice for those who value efficiency and quick gratification in their vaping sessions. Additionally, the G Pen Connect offers the peace of mind of a one-year warranty, providing support in case of any functional issues that may arise.

In the end, both of these vaporizers are top-of-the-line products, and you can expect an exceptional vaping experience with either one. Your choice should align with your vaping style and priorities, whether it's the versatility and extended battery life of the G Pen Hyer or the rapid heating and warranty assurance of the G Pen Connect. Whichever you choose, you're bound to enjoy a satisfying vaping experience. Happy vaping!

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