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421Store is also a dugout head shop, your favorite and best online smoke shop. We have the best dugout one hitter in the market. I was surprised that some of my customers have no idea what a one hitter dugout is. So, what is a dugout pipe? 

Ergonomic and pocket-sized container that mostly have two chambers. One to hold to hold your dry herb, and another to hold your dugout pipe, a one hitter (bat). The most elegant and discrete. There are different sizes of dugout, small dugout and large ones. 

You can easily find dugout online, however, not all them are secured and efficient. Dugout smoking accessory, if you get use to it, you won't leave home without it. On our online smoke shop, you can find all your smoking accessories you're looking for. 

what is a dugout / how to use a dugout (video)