12" K.Haring Water Pipe


Presenting the K.Haring Water Pipe, a standout smoking device, now available at 421store, America's premier online smoke shop. This water pipe is a tribute to the legendary artist Keith Haring, merging his distinctive art style with cutting-edge water filtration technology to elevate your smoking experience. 

Dimensions & Construction:

  • Size: 5.8” Width x 5.8” Depth x 12.4” Height
  • Made from thick Borosilicate Glass, renowned for its heat resistance and durability

Design & Functionality:

  • Showcases a 7-slit showerhead percolator for generating fine bubbles that cool and filter the smoke, offering a smooth experience
  • Features a removable diffused downstem and a large bowl, designed for a snug fit and effortless usage
  • Equipped with an ice catcher and a splashguard, enhancing your smoking sessions
  • Includes a fat-lipped mouthpiece, designed for user comfort

Artistic Elements:

  • The water pipe is adorned with Keith Haring's signature art style, with vibrant, bold lines and colors gracing its neck and base
  • Each pipe proudly displays Haring's autograph, adding a layer of authenticity and artistic value


  • The K.Haring Water Pipe is securely packaged in a sturdy box, fitted with foam inserts for maximum protection
  • The packaging itself is a collectible, adorned with Keith Haring's iconic artwork and signature, making it a unique keepsake

Features Summary:

  •  Iconic Keith Haring artwork with hand-applied, heat-resistant designs
  • 7-slit showerhead percolator for efficient smoke cooling and filtration
  • Durable and heat-resistant Borosilicate Glass construction
  • Removable diffused downstem and ground glass connection for ease of use
  • Ice catcher and splashguard for an enhanced smoking experience
  • Ergonomically designed fat-lipped mouthpiece
  • Wide and sturdy base for stability

Discover the perfect blend of art and functionality with the K.Haring Water Pipe, a must-have for connoisseurs seeking a stylish yet practical smoking accessory.

Category: Water Pipe

Type: Water Pipe

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