Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic Vaporizer With Easy Valve Starter Set

Storz and Bickel

Check out the Volcano Classic by Storz & Bickel, now available at 421Store, the premier online smoke shop in the U.S. Crafted with impeccable German precision, this desktop vaporizer is not just about its timeless look; it offers exceptional performance that has kept it at the forefront for enthusiasts for over a decade. 

Main Features:

  • Precision Heating Control: Ranges from 104°F to 446°F to suit your preferences.
  • Convection Heating: Delivers smooth, consistent vapor.
  • High-Quality Heating Element: Ensures durability and reliability.
  • Balloon Bag Delivery System: Easy to use, with vapor that can be stored and enjoyed for up to 8 hours.
  • Efficient Air Circulation: Utilizes a diaphragm pump to enrich air with active ingredients.
  • Automatic Shutdown: Enhances safety and energy efficiency.
  • 3-Year Warranty: Backed by Storz & Bickel's commitment to quality.

The Volcano Classic excels in filtering out tars and carcinogens while enhancing the potency of the active ingredients in your herbs by approximately 75%. Once you fill the detachable balloon, the vapor remains fresh and potent, ready for enjoyment whenever you are.

Volcano Classic Review


When we designed the Easy Valve, we listened to what our customers wanted. The Easy Valve is super easy to use and needs very little maintenance. You don't have to worry about attaching a new balloon to the valve because the Easy Valve comes with a ready-to-use balloon unit that includes a mouthpiece. When your Easy Valve can't be used anymore, just replace it with a new one. The starter set includes 5 Easy Valve balloons and the right filling chamber. You can clean and reuse the Easy Valve filling chamber.

Now, the Solid Valve is the standard option and has been sold in large numbers. With the Solid Valve Set, you can choose your own balloon size because it includes 3 meters of balloon material. Using the Solid Valve, replacing the balloon can be a bit tricky and requires some practice, but it's a more affordable long-term option because you can buy balloon material at a reasonable price.


To keep your vaporizer working well, replace the balloon with a new one after cleaning the valve set every 50-100 balloon fills. We provide you with a 3-meter roll of Volcano balloon material in every Volcano package, and it's enough for 5-6 balloons. You can also get replacements for Easy Valve bags and vaporizer bags for Solid Valve mouthpieces from us. If you're in the USA, you can use Reynolds oven bags Type "large" as an alternative. 

On the other hand, when your Easy Valve can't be used anymore, just swap it out for a new one. You won't need to do this very often, maybe about once a year with regular use, and you may also need to replace the filling chamber screens. Each set comes with 3 upper and 3 lower screens, which will last a long time. No other parts wear out.

What's in the Box

  • 1x Grinder
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Air Filter Set
  • 1x Easy Valve Filling Chamber
  • 5x Easy Valve Mouthpieces
  • 5x Easy Valve Balloons
  • 1x Easy Valve Concentrate Pad
  • 6x Easy Valve Screens
  • 3x Easy Valve Clips
  • 1x Cleaning Tool 

Got questions? Reach out to me, Ayad, at, and I’ll be happy to help you out!

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