Cylindrical ElegantCraft Wooden Dugout by The Mill

The Mill

Discover the ultimate One Hitter Dugout, a masterpiece from The Mill, now available at 421Store, the leading online smoke shop. This product stands out as the finest in its category, a testament to top-notch American craftsmanship.

Crafted with over 40 years of expertise, The Mill's wooden dugouts are not just products but pieces of art. Made from select exotic and domestic hardwoods, these dugouts are durable, beautiful, and perfect for everyday smoking needs.

At 421Store, your passion for smoking is well catered for. Alongside these exceptional wooden dugouts, the store offers an extensive range of smoking accessories, including glass pipes, water pipes, vaporizers, and more. These wooden pipes from The Mill represent a new wave of elegance and style in the smoking world.

Please note, due to the unique nature of these handcrafted items, each dugout may vary in color and pattern, adding to their individual charm and character.

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