M1 Dugout - Chroma Edition


Enhance your smoking experience with a touch of vibrant color using the Ukiyohi M1 "Chroma" Edition. Each resin box is custom-crafted and available in your choice of color, ensuring that every piece is truly unique. The manufacturing process involves molding the resin, resulting in captivating and unpredictable amorphic patterns and swirls. Combined with a hint of translucency, it delivers an undeniably luxurious appearance and tactile sensation.

The precision-cut unibody lid, created through CNC machining, is skillfully fashioned from solid brass stock to perfectly complement the brass of the included one-hitter pipe. The M1 Dugout is the ultimate companion for any cannabis connoisseur with discerning taste.


Pulling up on the spring-loaded, child-resistant, mechanism reveals the two tabs which keep both pipe and loose material secure from any unintentional opening. Simply pull and swivel to open. Pull and swivel to close.   

    • Child-Resistant Spring-Loaded Lid
    • Choice of M1 Custom Pipe
    • Pop-Up Pipe Chamber
    • Premium Resin & Brass
    • Clean Brass (Food Grade) Pipe

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