SMOKE TRAP + Personal Air Filter

Smoke Trap

Introducing Smoke Trap+ – Your Clean Air Solution!

🚭 Say goodbye to smoke and odor worries with Smoke Trap+! 🌬️


Experience 500+ clean puffs with each long-lasting filter. The heavy-duty design ensures maximum airflow and filter durability. Enjoy a tight seal with the comfortable rubber mouthpiece, while the hydrophobic mouthpiece screen keeps the HEPA filter dry for extended use. With a 4-stage HEPA + Activated Coconut Carbon filter, Smoke Trap+ eliminates smoke and odor. The easy-to-replace filter cartridge system uses 100% recyclable filters. Smoke Trap+ comes ready with a filter inside, so you're all set!


  • Each Filter Is Long Lasting - 500+ Puffs 
  • Heavy Duty Design For Maximum Air Flow & Long-Lasting Filter 
  • Comfortable Rubber Mouthpiece: Creates A Tight Seal 
  • Hydrophobic Mouthpiece Screen - Keeps HEPA Filter Dry & Clean To Extend The Filter Life Even More. 
  • 4 Stage HEPA + Activated Coconut Carbon Filter To Eliminate Smoke & Smell
  • Easy Replaceable Filter Cartridge System With 100% Recyclable Filters
  • The Smoke Trap + Comes With A Filter Inside Ready For Use

* Pro Tip: Clean The Hydrophobic Screen When Dirty/Wet. Pat Dry & Place Back Inside Mouthpiece.

Smoke Trap + is built for anyone who needs a longer lasting filter that isn't clogging up after a week of use. Simply exhale your smoke into the filter and watch clean, odorless air come out. 

After collecting feedback from customers the last few years, I realized that a lot of people needed something that could last longer & have easier air flow while exhaling.

I built Smoke Trap + with the sole purpose of making it the longest lasting smoke filter on the market with the easiest exhale. Period.

If you are someone who smokes frequently and needs to hide the smoke & smell from neighbors, friends, family or anyone else who doesn't like the smell, then Smoke Trap + is for you.

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