Pipes, Blunts & Lighters

All kind of glass smoking bowls. From really cheap glass pipes, to high end glass pipes, to unique glass pipes, to smoking bowls. Here you can find all kind of glass pipes you're looking for. Glass pipes for sale on regular bases. We might be a high end, but we also a cheap online head shop. Online glass pipes for sale, of all kind of types. 

The only way to start off your loose leaf experience is to have the right tools. Below you will find an array of essentials to enhance your enjoyment.  You can’t go wrong with buying more than one.

When in thirst of dry herb, you will probably wish to smoke as soon as possible, and the pipes are quick easy and convenient to use. The advantage of this product is it can be designed and decorated to suit your interests. They are cheap and convenient to carry. Glass Pipe easy to break in case you drop it. They are also not recommended for large group smokers.

Check out our blunts too. Sometimes you need to go back to the old simple ways which our parents used to smoke. Joint provide you the joy of simple way of consuming dry herbs.