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Introducing the Linx Apollo, an unparalleled leap in vaporizer technology that seamlessly combines versatility with cutting-edge design. This exceptional vaporizer offers a dual-purpose experience that redefines convenience.

The Linx Apollo boasts two distinct functions. Firstly, it comes with the Linx glass bubbler, enabling it to function as a portable electric dab rig, delivering an exquisite dabbing experience without the need for a traditional torch. Alternatively, it can be effortlessly connected to your preferred water pipe, functioning as a universal E-nail. This innovative feature eliminates the requirement for a torch yet again.

Experience the pinnacle of convenience with the Linx Apollo's compatibility with both 14mm and 18mm downstems, catering to various male and female water pipes. Its all-quartz heating chamber, complete with inlaid coils, has been rigorously tested and certified for heavy metals, ensuring your safety and satisfaction.

Tailoring your vaporization journey is made effortless through the one-touch heat boost, providing an instantaneous and unhindered temperature surge. The toxin-free airpath further elevates your experience, prioritizing purity in every inhale.

Equipped with four preset temperatures, the Linx Apollo puts you in control, offering a smart and precise heating mechanism. The 2600mAH large-capacity battery guarantees extended usage, while airflow regulation and a sturdy metal casing underscore its durability and performance.

For added convenience, the Linx Apollo arrives with a dedicated carrying case, keeping your vaporizer and accessories organized, secure, and ready for any adventure. Elevate your vaporization encounter with the Linx Apollo – a testament to innovation and excellence in every aspect.


  • Compatible with 14mm or 18mm downstem, male or female water pipes.
  • All quartz heating chamber, inlaid coils, and heavy metals tested and certified.
  • One touch heat boost for an unrestricted temperature boost.
  • Toxin-free airpath.
  • Four preset temperatures.
  • Smart and accurate heating control.
  • 2600mAH large capacity battery.
  • Airflow regulation.
  • Metal casing.
  • Carrying case included.

LINX APOLLO Concentrates Vaporizer Product Spotlight


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