Refillable Cartridges - Compatible With Most 510 Thread Vape Batteries

Linx Vapor

Experience the next level of vaping with our innovative replacement refillable cartridge designed specifically for the Linx Hermes vaporizer. Our cartridge integrates groundbreaking ceramic heating technology, ensuring an unparalleled vaping experience for all types of oils. Unleash massive, flavorful clouds as the ceramic heating core maximizes efficiency, drastically reducing oil wastage.

With the ability to accommodate oils of varying viscosities, this cartridge guarantees a seamless vaping session. Crafted from premium glass and medical-grade stainless steel, it undergoes rigorous heavy metals testing to ensure safety.

Each package includes the Hermes 3 refillable atomizer, featuring 510 threading and compatibility with both Linx Hermes and most 510 thread vape batteries. Elevate your vaping encounter with this advanced, high-quality cartridge.


  • Ceramic heating core.
  • Virtually eliminates all oil waste.
  • Vape any oil at any viscosity.
  • Constructed from glass and medical grade stainless steel. Heavy metals tested.
  • Includes 1 refillable atomizer. 510 threaded.
  • Compatible with Linx Hermes and most 510 thread vape batteries.

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