Arizer XQ2 Desktop/Dry Herb Vaporizer


Check out the Arizer XQ2, exclusively available at 421Store, the go-to online smoke shop in the U.S. This new arrival from Arizer is a powerhouse, known for its reliability, safety, and user-friendly features, making it both efficient and economical.

This versatile desktop vaporizer, ideal for both dry herbs and resin, offers flexibility whether you prefer direct draws or using a balloon system. It's packed with features like a quick heat-up time, three adjustable temperature settings, precise temperature control, and an upgraded airflow system, all designed to provide you with seamless sessions and less maintenance.

Born from over 15 years of innovation and customer insights, the XQ2 is Arizer's most advanced model, epitomizing their commitment to high-quality, accessible vaporization technology. It’s a straightforward choice for anyone seeking the pinnacle of vaping excellence.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with whip and balloon methods
  • Newly installed air intake filter
  • Redesigned LED display for easy monitoring
  • User-friendly controls
  • Improved glass herb bowl for better heating
  • Efficient convection heating system

The Arizer XQ2 is the latest evolution from the Arizer Extreme Q series, offering enhancements and new features that set a new standard for high-value desktop vaporizers. Whether you're new to vaping or an experienced enthusiast, the XQ2 offers a compelling, value-packed experience.

What's the difference between the Arizer ExtremeQ and the Arizer XQ2?

The Arizer ExtremeQ and Arizer XQ2 are both popular desktop vaporizers made by Arizer, but they have some key differences:

  1. Design and Display: The Arizer XQ2 features an updated, more modern design compared to the ExtremeQ. It includes an improved, brighter OLED display that provides better control visibility.

  2. User Interface: The XQ2 offers a more intuitive and user-friendly interface with three pre-set fan speeds and an auto-shutoff timer, which are enhancements over the controls found on the ExtremeQ.

  3. Remote Control: Both units come with remote controls, but the XQ2’s remote has been improved to offer more precise control over the device's settings and features.

  4. Whip System and Airflow: The XQ2 has an upgraded whip system and includes a new "Airflow Director" accessory that optimizes vapor production and improves the overall experience.

  5. Accessories and Customization: The XQ2 comes with additional accessories not included with the ExtremeQ, such as a mini whip and new glass color options for customization, giving users more flexibility in how they use the device.

    What’s in the box?

    • 1x Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer
    • 1x Power Adapter Charger
    • 1x XQ2 Remote Control
    • 1x Glass Cloud Chamber
    • 1x Glass Flavor Chamber
    • 2x Tuff Bowl Grips
    • 1x Glass Aromatherapy Dish
    • 1x 3” Silicone Whip
    • 1x Glass Mini Whip Attachment
    • 1x Glass Balloon Mouthpiece
    • 1x Balloon Connector
    • 2x Balloon Bags
    • 1x Balloon Cap
    • 1x Airpath Filter Cartridge
    • 1x Stainless Steel Stir Tool
    • 1x Dome Screen
    • 1x Flat Screen
    • 1x Aromatic Botanicals
    • 1x Owner’s Manual

    For any questions, feel free to reach out to me, Ayad, at I'm here to help!

    Category: Desktop

    Type: dry herb vaporizer

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