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Genius Pipe

The GeniusPipe, a groundbreaking creation, is now available at 421Store, the premier online smoke shop. This pipe is distinctively designed, featuring an innovative, waterless filtration system. Its compactness ensures it can be conveniently carried in any pocket or bag, making it perfect for those who enjoy smoking on the move.

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One of the key highlights of the GeniusPipe is its unique waterless filter. This design is a departure from traditional water-based pipes, aiming to cool and cleanse the smoke for a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience.

In its construction, the GeniusPipe has embraced zen-like simplicity and effectiveness. It transforms the conventional herb pipe into a refined tool of simplicity and efficiency. The pipe is held together by 12 robust magnets, making it both straightforward to operate and effortless to maintain. In terms of smart design, the GeniusPipe sets a new standard in herb pipes.

Key Features:

  • Waterless Filtration System
  • Magnetic Assembly for Easy Use
  • Durable Anodized Aluminum Build
  • Subtle and Discreet Design
  • Simple to Clean and Maintain

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For those tired of loading and cleaning their water pipe, but who want cool, smooth draws, the Genius Pipe features patented waterless filter technology. The bottom and top of the Genius Pipe interior consists of 2000 dimples that thoroughly sift smoke, collecting tar and oil and cooling each hit before it reaches your palate.

Cleaning these dimpled plates is super simple. Just detach the magnetically connected plates that make up the Genius Pipe and wipe down the indentations. Slap the plates back together and the Genius Pipe is ready to go! Genius Pipe features a built-in mouthpiece with exceptional airflow. Genius Pipe delivers smooth, flavor-rich hits with no hassle.


Genius Pipe consists of three pieces: two plates and a thin face plate that slides to reveal the bowl. These pieces are connected by 12 powerful magnets that enable you to easily slide the pieces apart and slap them back together for quick loading and cleaning. The face plate features two cut-outs: a hole for loading and a Genius Pipe logo for smoking. Simply slide the magnetically connected plate to line up each cut-out with the bowl, whether you're loading it or applying a flame. The Genius Pipe plate covers the bowl to keep your loose leaf from blowing out.

The Genius Pipe is built with medical-grade anodized aluminum that's easy-to-clean and capable of sustaining life's wear and tear. Ideal for those who want clean, comfortable, and intensely flavorful hits without the hassle of a water filtration system, the Genius Pipe is the smarter choice.

  • 1 x Genius Pipe

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Type: Pipes & Blunts

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