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The initial Budbomb represents a compact metal pipe that is both weighty and easily transportable, making it an excellent choice for travelers. Moreover, the Bud Bomb pipe boasts exceptional durability, rendering it virtually unbreakable, and it offers effortless cleaning.

Engineered with a meticulously crafted helix smoking pipe at its core, the Budbomb is designed to effectively cool down the smoke. This innovative design allows the smoke to travel a significant distance while maintaining a compact form. Disassembling it for cleaning is a simple process, and it features a built-in screen for improved filtration. It is available in three distinct colors: Black, Silver, and Gold.

Notably, this remarkable metal pipe is imported from England.

Length: 4 inches.

How to clean Budbomb

Simplicity is key here. Just disassemble the robust metal pipe, immerse the component in rubbing alcohol for a brief period (or longer if preferred). Once removed, give it a wipe, and you're good to go.

How to use bud bomb - Budbomb Review

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