Crusher T Pollen Press from High Tech Pipes

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  • Built with the end user in mind, The Crusher is meticulously designed to exceed the limitations of ordinary hand presses. At 1" by 6", it holds up to 3 oz of material.
  • The Crusher has 1/2" thick aircraft aluminum walls allowing our unique heating process to be utilized in absorbing and retaining the right amount of heat throughout the pressing process.
  • Our ergonomic T-Handle fits beautifully in the hand giving the user comfort while exerting extraordinary amounts of torque with a heavy duty stainless steel thread system.
  • The Crusher is machined with 2 flats so it can be held firmly in a soft jaw vise.
  • The end caps are machined with extremely aggressive threads designed to grip where others fail.

How to use

LOAD: Turn handle counter clockwise to fully extend. Drop in plunger. Fill with material. Replace cap.



HEAT: While under pressure, run hot water over press body for 3 minutes. Turn handle tighter


PRESS: Apply torque by turning clockwise. Tighten by hand ONLY!


EXTRACT: Allow unit to cool off before opening. Back off pressure and remove cap. Turn handle to push material out.

Category: Rosin Presses

Type: Unknown Type

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