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Experience the innovative Hamilton Devices Daypipe, a cutting-edge dry herb gadget. This cleverly designed device allows you to conveniently store and use up to eight 0.2g bowls (totaling 1.6 grams), offering both durability and dependability. The Daypipe's compact design makes it perfect for on-the-go use, allowing you to savor fresh bowls throughout the day without the hassle of cleaning ashy remnants between uses.

Key Features:

  • Constructed with Anodized Stainless Steel for longevity
  • Effortless usage: simply load, light, and inhale
  • Personalize with custom colors and branding options
  • Capacity to hold eight 0.2g bowls
  • Compact dimensions: 129.9mm in length, 23.2mm in width and height
  • Available in elegant Graphite and vibrant Red

Maintenance Guidance:

For optimal performance, regular cleaning is recommended. Based on how often it's used, clean the device by immersing it in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes. Use the included brush to remove any leftover resin. This simple maintenance routine ensures your Daypipe remains in top condition. 

 Hamilton Devices Daypipe Product Spotlight

Category: Metal Pipes, Pipes

Type: Vaporizer

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