Elegant Woodcraft Artisan Pipe

The Mill

This beautifully crafted pipe, made by The Mill, features an elegant carving on its shank, revealing a bare stem that extends from the mouthpiece to the bowl, adding a touch of allure. The 9/16” bowl size makes it perfect for sharing with a companion, enhancing the experience.

The dimensions of the pipe are thoughtfully designed: a 5/8” bowl, a 3 ½” wooden stem, and a 1 1/8” mouthpiece, culminating in a total length of 4 5/8”.

While each pipe maintains a consistent shape and size, there is a unique charm in the slight variations of color. Additionally, even wood from the same tree exhibits subtle differences in hue, texture, and grain pattern, making each piece distinctively individual.

This exquisite piece is available on 421Store, the top favorite online smoke shop among stoners, offering an exclusive selection from The Mill.

Category: Wood Pipes

Type: Pipes & Blunts

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