Hourglass Pocket Bubbler

Grav Labs

 Ready for something neat from GRAV? Well, we've got just the thing over at 421Store, the primo online smoke shop in the US. Introducing the GRAV Hourglass Pocket Bubbler – it's cute, it's quirky, and it's about to become your new favorite smoking companion. Don't let its size fool you; this bubbler is all about making those moments count with perfect little hits every time.

Why you're gonna love it:

  • Unique hourglass shape: Easy to hold and just plain cool to look at.
  • Splash-proof design: A long 3.25” stem keeps things tidy, so your smoking session stays fresh.
  • Quick to fill: Gets you to that blissful state faster with efficient smoke buildup.
  • Pocket-sized powerhouse: At 4.75", it’s perfectly portable for any adventure. Comes ready: Includes a 10mm Cup Bowl to get the good times rolling.
  • Designed for use with flower: Just what you need for your herbal indulgences.

And remember, we’re all about the good vibes and legal fun here.

Questions? Curiosities? Hit me up at support@421store.com. Ayad’s here to help you out!

Type: Waterpipes

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