GrindX 2-Piece Herb Grinder - 2.2-Inch


Now available at 421Store, your go-to online destination for premium smoking accessories. The GrindX™ isn't just any grinder—it's your new best bud for handling herbs with ease. 

GrindX | Performance Herb Grinder Introduction Video

Main Features:

  • Rugged and Ready: The textured exterior ensures a solid grip while the sturdy construction can handle the toughest herbs.

  • Press-Lock Technology™: This feature locks in freshness and keeps everything contained with a simple press—no more magnets, no more threads.

  • Safe Materials: Made with BPA-free, high-impact plastic, our grinder is tough and totally food-safe.

  • Easy to Clean: Its non-stick surface is a cinch to clean. Whether you swipe it with alcohol wipes or pop it in the dishwasher, it’s ready for your next session in no time.

  • Precision Grinding: With 50 Pyramid teeth, it's designed to finely grind your herbs, enhancing your smoking experience.

  • Portable Storage Solution: Comes with a snap-lid storage jar that makes carrying your herbs straightforward and stylish.

Proudly manufactured in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty, the GrindX™ is here to make sure you're more than satisfied.

Package Includes:

  • 1 GrindX Performance Herb Grinder
  • 1 GrindX Storage Jar


  • Diameter: 2.2 inches (55.88 mm)
  • Height: 0.90 inches (22.86 mm)
  • Weight: 1.35 oz (38.6 grams)
  • Capacity: 2 grams

Got any questions? Don’t hesitate to hit me up—Ayad at

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