Groove Hourglass Micro Rig


The Hourglass Micro Rig by Groove is a small glass smoking device. It's about 3-4 millimeters thick and has smooth, rounded parts. This version of the Hourglass Micro Rig looks really nice with black parts like the percolators, mouthpiece, and base, giving it a classic and attractive look. Even though it's small, it has a strong and cool vibe.

Groove Glass products are famous for being easy to use, working well, and being dependable. They are made from high-quality materials and have a clean and sharp style. When you use them, you can expect smooth, reliable, and tasty hits every time you take a puff.

  • Dimensions: 2.95 x 1.89 x 4.84
  • Clear Glass with Black Accents  
  • Ground Glass Connections  
  • 3-4mm Glass Thickness  
  • Concentrate & Dry Herb Compatible 

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