Groove Tube Micro Rig


If you're on the lookout for a sleek, stylish way to elevate your smoking sessions, let me introduce you to something pretty awesome – the Groove Tube Micro Rig. Crafted by Groove, this compact glass rig is the epitome of cool, with a design that's both classic and eye-catching. Its black accents on the percolators, mouthpiece, and base not only give it a sophisticated look but also make it a standout piece in any collection.

Despite its modest size, this little powerhouse packs a punch, offering both style and substance. It's about 3-4 millimeters thick, which means it's sturdy enough to handle your adventures while still providing smooth, rounded edges for a comfortable grip. Plus, it's versatile – whether you're into concentrates or dry herbs, this rig has got you covered.

Groove Glass is all about quality, ease of use, and reliability. Made from high-grade materials, these products promise a clean, sharp look that doesn't just perform well but also delivers smooth, flavorful hits every time. With the Groove Tube Micro Rig, you're not just getting a smoking device; you're getting a reliable companion for those perfect, tasty puffs.

  • Dimensions: 3.46 x 2.56 x 4.88
  • Clear Glass with Black Accents  
  • Ground Glass Connections  
  • 3-4mm Glass Thickness  
  • Concentrate & Dry Herb Compatible 

Curious to learn more or ready to make this rig yours? Hit me up at, and I, Ayad, will be more than happy to help. Dive into the world of Groove at 421Store, the top online smoke shop in the U.S., and discover how we can make your smoking experience unforgettable.

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