18" Halo Moonlight Rose Beaker - Single Stack

Prism Waterpipes

The Prism Waterpipes offer an excellent starting point for those looking to build a custom bong collection, proudly presented by one of the most reliable online smoke shops in North America. This bong system is ingeniously crafted for user convenience, featuring a design that allows for easy disassembly. This makes cleaning, part replacement, and customization a breeze, and it's perfect for taking on the go for any adventure.

The set includes a Moonlight Rose Beaker Base, a striking Gold Halo, a Moonlight Rose Tall White Mouthpiece, a White Downstem, and a White 14mm Bowl, making it ideal for those who prefer water pipes for smoking marijuana. In terms of specifications, the beaker base is a sturdy 7mm thick, and the tall mouthpiece measures 5mm in thickness. The overall height of the bong is 17.8 inches, with a tube diameter of 2 inches at the mouthpiece and 6 inches at the base. The bowl joint is designed for a 14mm female connection, and the downstem joint accommodates an 18mm female.

What’s Included:

  • Moonlight Rose Beaker Base
  • Gold Halo
  • Moonlight Rose Tall White Mouthpiece
  • White Downstem
  • White 14mm Bowl

    water pips for smoking marijuana bongs


    • Beaker Base Thickness: 7mm
    • Tall Mouthpiece Thickness: 5mm
    • Overall Height: 17.8"
    • Tube Diameter: 2" (mouthpiece) 6” (base)
    • Bowl Joint: 14mm female
    • Downstem Joint: 18mm female

    Category: Water Pipe

    Type: glass bongs

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