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Higher Standards

Introducing the Heavy Duty Rig with Higher Standards! It's specially made to make your concentrates taste even better when you use it with water. This rig is super strong, made from medical-grade glass, and it's handcrafted with care to make sure it works really well. It even comes with a special quartz banger that makes your concentrates taste amazing.

The stem of the rig has tiny holes that create little bubbles, so when you take a puff, it feels really smooth. This not only gives you good airflow but also makes sure everything stays sealed tight.

This Heavy Duty Rig is about seven inches tall, and you can clean it until it looks brand new using Higher Standards ISO Pure, Salt Rox, or other Higher Standards cleaning stuff. It comes in a cool collector's case that you can use for storing and carrying it safely. Plus, you also get a container for your concentrates and some handy tools with your Heavy Duty Rig.


  • Made In The USA
  • Handcrafted From Medical-Grade Borosilicate Glass
  • Packaged In Sleek, Reversible Collector’s Case
  • Inline Percolator
  • 7 mm Thick
  • Optimal Flavor Transfer Via Quartz Banger
  • Superior Airflow 


The Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig is crafted entirely from 100% medical-grade borosilicate glass, making it super clear, strong, heat-resistant, and easy to care for. Its crystal-clear appearance lets you see exactly what's going on inside the pipe as you use it. The surfaces of this rig are smooth and a breeze to clean, preventing any gunk buildup and ensuring it always performs its best.

This top-notch rig is designed with medical-grade standards in mind, so it can handle high temperatures without messing with the flavors of your concentrates. You won't experience any strange tastes or smells. Despite its small size, the Heavy Duty Rig is built tough, delivering pure and undiluted flavors every time you use it.


To ensure you savor the full flavor of your concentrates, the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig comes with an extra thick quartz crystal banger. This special quartz nail is incredibly sturdy and can handle high temperatures with ease. It's designed to extract robust flavors from your concentrates, even when heated at lower temperatures, resulting in smooth and powerful hits.

The banger's thickness is just right, not too thin, so you won't need to worry about it easily cracking or breaking. This means it's built to last and maintain excellent performance. Additionally, the banger's design prevents splashing and introduces cool air to make your hits more comfortable.

The banger is securely attached to the Heavy Duty Rig through a strong arm and airtight ground-glass connection, ensuring it stays firmly in place while you use it. Utilizing a pure quartz banger like this in our high-quality rig allows you to experience a wide range of flavors while consistently enjoying a potent hit every single time.


The Heavy Duty Rig is thoughtfully crafted to provide you with the best possible hits. It features a secure ground-glass connection and a comfortable mouthpiece. Its construction ensures you receive direct and flavorful hits. The mouthpiece slightly widens, creating a tight seal between your mouth and the glass, allowing for smooth airflow.

The rig's design prioritizes easy inhalation, guaranteeing each hit is robust and bursting with flavor. Its precise construction is tailored to enhance the flavors of your concentrates, enabling you to savor all the intricate and rich flavors that connoisseurs truly appreciate.


Designed to give you the cleanest smoking experience, the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig has a special part called a diffused downstem. This downstem has really thin slits that are different from regular ones. Because of this special design, the bubbles that are created are even smaller. This is important because the smaller bubbles let the smoke interact with the water more.

When you take a hit, the smoke goes through the water in the rig. This process does a few things: it makes the smoke cleaner, adds some moisture, and cools it down. This way, when you breathe in, it's a lot more comfortable on your throat and lungs.


Designed especially for those who truly value their smoking experience, the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig comes in a stylish case with versatile functionality. Inside this case, you'll find everything you need. There are two top-notch metal tools equipped with silicone grips for easy handling. Additionally, you'll receive a wax container with four separate sections, ideal for keeping different concentrates neatly organized. And let's not overlook the banger – it's crafted entirely from pure quartz crystal.

The case is intelligently designed to safeguard your Heavy Duty Rig and all its components. So, if you need to take it with you, rest assured that everything will stay securely in place and out of sight.


  • 1x HS Rig
  • 1x HS Dab Tool Large
  • 1x HS Dab Tool Small
  • 1x HS Wax Container

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