K.Haring Glass Taster


Discover the captivating K.Haring Taster, a masterpiece of design and functionality, available exclusively at the premier online smoke shop, 421Store. This remarkable piece boasts dimensions of 0.6” W x 0.6” D x 3.3” L, offering a compact yet impactful presence.

Crafted with the flair and vision of the illustrious Keith Haring, the Taster is a tribute to the artist's global legacy. Its flare-style form is both straightforward and intricate, echoing the essence of Haring's celebrated art. The Taster is meticulously constructed from high-quality borosilicate glass, ensuring durability and a sophisticated appearance.

Key features include a generously sized bowl for ample capacity and an innovative built-in ash catcher for a clean, pure smoking experience. The Taster's surface is adorned with a heat-resistant design, showcasing Haring's iconic and dynamic linework, creating a bold visual statement.

Each Taster is elegantly finished with the renowned K.Haring logo, signifying authenticity and artistic heritage. The packaging is as thoughtfully designed as the Taster itself, featuring a robust box with protective foam inserts. The box is also decorated with Haring's signature artwork and signature, making it a collectible in its own right.

Embrace the fusion of art and utility with the K.Haring Taster, a symbol of artistic brilliance and functional elegance.

Category: One hitters, Pipes

Type: Smoking Pipes

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