L-20 Wood Pipe from The Mill

The Mill

Introducing our L-20 pipe, the smallest gem in our collection! Despite its petite size, this pipe packs a punch when it comes to delivering a smooth smoking experience with loose leaf tobacco.

The L-20 boasts a compact design with a 9/16-inch bowl, a 2 ¼-inch wooden stem, and a 1 1/8-inch mouthpiece, resulting in a total length of 3 3/8 inches. While each pipe maintains the same design and dimensions, it's important to note that the natural wood used, even when sourced from the same tree, may vary slightly in color, texture, and grain. This means that each L-20 pipe is unique and offers a touch of individuality to your smoking sessions. Enjoy the simplicity and charm of the L-20, a small pipe that delivers big flavor.

Dimensions: 9/16” bowl, 2 ¼” wood stem + 1 1/8” mouthpiece = 3 3/8” length.

Every pipe will have the exactly design and dimension, However, the wood - even from the same tree - is slightly different in color, texture, and grain. 

Category: Wood Pipes

Type: Pipes & Blunts

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