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Minh Le Studio

Dance of Fire

Shapes are simple and bold. The significance is on the glaze, where several different effects are created. Tenmoku, also known as Jian ware (建窯) in Chinese or Hỏa Biến in Vietnamese, is a type of pottery and porcelain that achieved a high prestige since the Song dynasty (1127–1279).

High firing temperature (around 2370 Fahrenheit) produces stunning crystallization patterns. It is fire, gravity, and the element of randomness that create this masterpiece.

Dimensions: approximately 9.5"H X 3.75"W

Solid Brass downstem and bowl included.

We use lead-free, food-safe glaze for our products.

Please note all of our ceramics are made by hand. Variations may occur. Each piece is considered unique.

Category: Ceramic Water Pipes, Water Pipe

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