Marley Natural American Black Walnut Case

Marley Natural

Marley Natural introduces a cool and useful solution called the Small Case, which is carefully made from black walnut wood. This small yet roomy box is designed to keep your herbs and accessories safe while looking really nice. It's not too big, so you can easily carry it around, and it opens with a sliding top, so you can get to your stuff quickly. To help keep things fresh, the case has a special seal inside.

In honor of Bob Marley, his family has created a collection of smoking tools that mix natural charm with classy style. This fancy wooden box is about the size of a big phone, measuring 4.4 inches long and 3.2 inches wide. It's made to keep all your rolling essentials organized. Inside, there are three parts made to fit papers, a lighter, loose buds, or even a small grinder.

The top part comes off and becomes a flat surface, perfect for rolling your stuff. Plus, the box closes with a magnetic seal, making it even more convenient. This cool accessory doesn't just store joints – it also works as a tiny rolling tray. 


  • Length: 4.4in
  • Width: 3.2in
  • Magnetic sealing wooden case
  • Good for joint storage and mini rolling tray

Category: Storage Solutions

Type: Unknown Type

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