Marley Natural American Black Walnut Case

Marley Natural

With a compact and multi-purpose design, our black walnut wood Small Case is a classic essential for protecting and housing your herb and lifestyle accessories.  

Its tasteful, soft-edged form is highlighted by a uniquely engineered slide-top system, complete with a universal silicon inner seal that allows for convenient access and maximum utility.  Discreet, portable, and stylish, you can take it anywhere and use as desired.

Bob Marley made great music, smoked weed, and helped people feel better bout life. In that same tradition, his family has kept the positive vibes going with a dedicated line of smoking gear that combines natural aesthetics with a refined appearance.

This stylish wooden box is about the size of a big phone and is made to conveniently store items for rolling joints. The interior has three divided chambers easy for keeping your papers, a lighter, some loose buds, or even a small grinder. The flat-top when removed makes a great rolling tray.


  • Length: 4.4in
  • Width: 3.2in
  • Magnetic sealing wooden case
  • Good for joint storage and mini rolling tray

Category: Storage Solutions

Type: Unknown Type

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