Maze-X Pipe - New Waterless Smoke Filtering & Cooling for Safer Lungs


Elevate your smoking experience with the Weedgets MAZE-X Pipe, exclusively available at 421Store, America's premier online smoke shop. Say farewell to the discomfort of harsh, throat-scalding smoke and embrace a healthier way to indulge with our pioneering MAZE-X Pipe.

Engineered with innovative cough-less technology, this device expertly cools smoke, diminishes smoke temperature, and filters out hot resin and tar, offering unparalleled lung protection. Experience the cleanest, smoothest, and coolest smoke yet, significantly reducing cough and enhancing safety.

The MAZE-X Pipe is not just a top choice for its superior smoking quality; its gentle puffs make it a suitable option for users with asthma and COPD, ensuring everyone can enjoy their preferred blends with ease and comfort.


Step up your smoking game with the MAZE-X Pipe, a standout piece in the world of smoking accessories. This pipe boasts a removable bowl made of borosilicate glass, renowned for its robustness and clarity.

The pipe's body is expertly crafted from medical-grade silicone, offering a superior alternative to the standard food-grade silicone. This choice of material ensures exceptional heat resistance and durability. The MAZE-X Pipe is meticulously designed for short, gentle puffs, providing a safe, light, and supremely smooth experience. Each draw is filtered to perfection, ensuring that every hit is as satisfying as it is safe.


Elevate your session with a weed pipe that features a cleverly designed bowl lid. This innovative lid allows you to take a few puffs and then swiftly extinguish the fire, conserving your herb for future use. During your session, simply rotate the lid and secure it to the bottom of the pipe. This ensures the lid stays out of the way, providing an uninterrupted and enjoyable experience. It's a practical, stylish solution that maximizes your herb's potential and enhances your smoking ritual.


Introducing the optional nano crystal CHARCOAL FILTERS, designed to seamlessly integrate with the MAZE-X pipe, enhancing your smoking experience. These filters expertly capture residual resin and tar, ensuring each inhalation is smoother and more enjoyable. To use, simply insert the charcoal filter into the mouth tip's open end. This addition elevates the standard of your sessions, offering a refined and cleaner smoke every time.


Enhance your smoking ritual with the MAZE-X Pipe, where functionality meets sophisticated design. The pipe's handle, crafted from anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum, ensures a cooler smoking experience. At its heart lies a washable, reusable borosilicate glass bowl, renowned for its resistance to extreme temperature changes and high melting point, making it incredibly durable and fire-resistant. Ideal for tobacco or legal herbs, this large glass bowl accommodates approximately 0.5 grams.

For a mess-free experience, try our innovative SILI-SCOOP tool. It simplifies loading and tamping your MAZE-X Pipe bowl, keeping your fingers clean and free from odors.

Maintenance is a breeze with the MAZE-X Pipe. Disassemble the components, place them in a ziplock bag with 70% isopropyl alcohol (no salt needed), and shake gently for 20-30 minutes. After soaking, rinse the parts under warm water with dish soap, pat dry, and reassemble. This process ensures your MAZE-X Pipe remains in pristine condition, ready for your next session.


Immerse yourself in the luxury of the MAZE-X pipe, a fusion of elegance and advanced engineering. This exquisite piece features a body and bowl cover crafted from medical-grade silicone, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience. The handle, made from thick, anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, efficiently cools smoke for a smoother draw. At its core, a borosilicate glass bowl stands strong against temperature extremes.

Notable Features:

  • No metallic taste
  • Efficient smoke cooling
  • Resin and tar blocking capabilities
  • Gentle on the throat
  • Enhances smoke purity
  • Highly durable, resistant to falls
  • Compatible with charcoal filters for further refinement
  • Simple cleaning with degreasing dish soap

The MAZE-X pipe, available in our store, epitomizes the pinnacle of luxury smoking accessories, offering a sophisticated and refined smoking experience.

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