MJ Arsenal Blunt Bubblers

MJ Arsenal

Dive into the world of smooth vibes with MJ Arsenal's lineup, exclusively at 421Store, your go-to online smoke shop in the U.S.!


Meet the Commander, your ultimate smoking companion. With its triple slit, base-connected percolator, it's designed to deliver the smoothest smoke possible, all while rocking a super sturdy structure. Made from green borosilicate glass, it not only looks cool but is built to last. Size: 2.4" x 1.5" x 1.7" of pure smoking innovation

King Toke

Get ready for the King Toke, a unique piece with a double slit function that takes your bubbling experience to a whole new level. It's the buddy you didn't know you needed, making every session memorable. Compact and ready for anything: 1.9" x 1.4" x 2.3"

The Dubbler

Double trouble with The Dubbler! Enjoy twice the rip, twice the pull, and twice the fun. It’s like The Martian®, but with double the power. Perfect for those who love cones and rolled products, and it doubles up as a Double Bubbler. Size? A handy 1.9" x 1.2" x 2.3"

The Martian (Clear and Iridescent)

Introducing The Martian, the OG Cone Bubbler. This genius design fits almost all rolled items, sports a spill-resistant design, and comes with a handy pendant hook. Its ergonomically placed carb hole ensures a grip so natural, you'll wonder how you ever smoked without it. Size: A compact 1.9" x 1.2" x 2.3".

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Category: Bubbler

Type: Waterpipes

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