Rasta Ice Pop Novelty Smoking Pipe


Elevate your summer outings with a unique and delightful twist - introducing the Ice Pop Pipe! Take your smoking experience to a whole new level with this incredibly cool and innovative creation.

Crafted from premium ceramic, this novelty pipe is an artistic masterpiece, resembling a vibrant ice pop. Its wooden-hued stick showcases striking red, yellow, and green Rasta colors, adding a touch of playful elegance.

At the pinnacle of the ice pop, a convenient pipe awaits your favorite tobacco blend. Ignite your chosen blend and witness the smoke elegantly weave its way through the pipe's body, culminating in a tasteful mouthpiece at the stick's end. Unwind and savor a moment of relaxation as you indulge in a flavorful combination of smoke and the essence of ice cream - a delightful treat best enjoyed with cherished companions.

Presented in an appealing color gift box, the Ice Pop Pipe makes for a thoughtful and unique present. Please note that this product is exclusively intended for adult use.

Ignite the fun with these trendy Rasta-themed ice pop pipes! They are the ideal gifts and party favors for occasions like 420-themed events, gatherings, and celebrations.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 7" in length, 2 3/4" in width, 3/4" in depth
  • Material: High-quality ceramic
  • Artistic Design: Resembles a charming ice pop
  • Eye-catching Colors: Bold Rasta hues
  • Functionality: Features a fully operational pipe and mouthpiece
  • Age Recommendation: Exclusively for adult use

Category: Novelty Pipe, Pipes

Type: Novelty Pipes

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