Ritual Smoke - Daily Driver 8" Glass Beaker

High Society

Introducing Ritual by High Society, a celebration of the diverse and personal 'rituals' that define our smoking culture. This collection honors the intricate steps involved in enjoying legal herbs – from selection and grinding to packing and savoring – each an essential part of your distinctive smoking journey. 

At the heart of Ritual lies our commitment to enhancing your experience. We offer premium tools at highly affordable prices, enabling you to customize your experience without any compromises. We're motivated by passion and the positive vibes that come from a great smoke.

Discover your ideal companion in our Ritual Glass. Crafted from robust borosilicate glass, this impressive beaker is designed for smooth, substantial rips. Its American-made NorthStar color accents add a touch of elegance, infusing these scientific beakers with both flair and exceptional quality. The Ritual Glass promises an unparalleled smoking experience. 

Key Features:

  • Height: 8 inches of pure, high-quality Borosilicate Glass.
  • Design: Classic Beaker Style with vibrant NorthStar USA Color Rod Accents.
  • Components: Includes a removable 18.8mm Downstem and a 14.4mm Glass Slide Bowl.
  • Performance: Exceptional Perc, ideal for everyday use.
  • Experience: Perfect for those seeking a reliable and stylish smoking partner.

Elevate your smoking ritual with the finest in design and quality, tailored to fit your lifestyle. Ritual by High Society – for the love of the experience.

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