Royale G™ - 5 Piece Luxury Herb Grinder (With Storage)


Although many people enjoy using your favorite herb, there is still a negative view of it. Using a cheap, plastic grinder when getting ready for the next session is not a good image for us "stoners". Plastic is harmful to our lungs and also affects how others judge us.

  • Diameter: 1.5"
  • Length: 5" 

Introducing the brand-new Royale G™ grinder, which is designed to provide the best grinding experience. It is currently awaiting patent approval. The gold spade and golden trim accents are meant to match your luxurious taste and successful lifestyle. In this world, how things look is very important. By using this stylish grinder, you can help break stereotypes and reduce stigma.


✔️ BE CLASSY WITH THE GOLD SPADE – Use a spoon to navigate your herb to the bowl or paper with complete control. No sticky fingers. No allergic reactions. No spilled bud.

✔️ SPARK NEW CONNECTIONS – Having such an elegant grinder is bound to intrigue people to ask you more about it. It’s a great conversation starter that can open up opportunities for you to make dope connections.

✔️ 5 PIECE MODULAR DESIGN FOR TRAVEL –  This conveniently-sized grinder is ideal for life on-the-move, offering portability and a size-adjustable design. An additional airtight storage compartment is provided to keep your bud fresh. Add it onto the existing model to separate strains. Combine the lids to create a premium concentrate storage.

✔️ ENGINEERED TO FEEL GOOD – While most metal grinders are molded with zinc alloy, Royale G is CNC machined from aerospace grade aluminum with NASA-esque strength. Not only supremely durable, our grinders are processed through two anodization phases and the result is a smooth fashionable finish.

✔️ REMOVABLE MESH SCREEN – You can easily unclog your screen to guarantee the collection of high quality pollen. Note: Due to the ultra fine mesh screen, kief does not fall through often. But when it does…It’s potent.

We understand how frustrating it is when people judge us for the way we choose to live, especially our loved ones. It can be tough to deal with disapproving looks, hurtful comments, and even restrictions on expressing ourselves just because we enjoy using cannabis. Recent statistics show that more than 150 million people use it, making it the most popular recreational herb.

With Royale G™, you can make a strong impression wherever you are. From impressing people with the Gold Spade feature to dazzling them with the gold trim accents, you'll receive nothing but compliments about your new style. Now you won't have to worry about judgmental looks as you confidently showcase your luxurious side!


  • (1) X Gold Spade
  • (1) X Instruction Manual
  • (2) X Storage Compartments
  • (2) X Removable Mesh Screens
  • (2) X Concentrate Storage Lids


A  Pre-Royale offers a Limited Lifetime Guarantee that covers any broken teeth caused by normal use for our grinders. 

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Type: Grinders

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