SlideCap LB Pocket Dugout

The Mill

Explore the Mill's LB Pocket Dugouts, a cleverly crafted essential available at 421Store, the top-choice online smoke shop for enthusiasts. These compact dugouts revolutionize your smoking experience with a seamlessly integrated, discreet pipe and a hidden storage space, all contained within a conveniently sized box. The highlight of these dugouts is the innovative locking system, where a spring-loaded cigarette pipe smoothly slides down with a simple thumb press, releasing the cap with ease.

With dimensions of 3/4" x 1 13/16" x 4", these dugouts are tailored for portability and ease of use.

While every piece adheres to the same meticulous design and size specifications, the charm of natural wood brings a unique character to each item. Expect a delightful array of subtle differences in color, texture, and grain - a testament to the natural beauty of the wood, even from a single tree. This makes each LB Pocket Dugout not just a functional accessory, but a distinct piece of craftsmanship.

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